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We supply high-quality uniforms at a discount

Boys high-quality school shorts


Boys’ school shorts are often worn by younger boys, or by older boys during the summer months. We provide boys’ school shorts for both primary and secondary school ages. We offer a range of sizes for children from two years to fifteen years, with lots of different style choices, from an easy-to-pull-up design with an elasticated waist, to the classic flat zip front giving a smart look for the older children.

Parents need great value, and durability, long-lasting, and kids want comfortable clothes suitable for both the classroom and the playground. Off the High Street delivers the highest level of quality, comparable with high street brands, at a fraction of the price. We choose high-quality fabrics and ensure that seams and stitching are of the best quality.

We supply our boy’s school shorts in black, grey, dark grey and navy colours.

Great fitting school uniforms will last longer and make your budget go further. To ensure that you buy the right size of boys’ school shorts the waist measurement is needed. Even if your child is wearing clothing that sits on their hips you will still need their waist measurement. Find the narrowest part of their torso to take this measurement. If your child is straight-waisted then sit the tape measure halfway between the bottom of their rib cage and their hip bone. It needs to be snug but not tight. Another top tip is to make sure that they aren’t breathing in or holding their breath! To measure the length of boys’ school shorts, we find that the best way is to measure an existing pair of shorts. Then add some on if necessary. This is simply the measurement from the waistband to the hem. Often schools will have rules around the length of shorts so make sure that you comply with these.