Buying School Uniforms Online for the First Time – the 4 Things that you Need to Know

WHY should I shop for school uniforms online?

Many parents are now avoiding buying girls’ and boys’ school uniforms from busy retail shops and supermarkets due to Covid-19. Buying online allows you to buy everything that you need from the comfort of your own home. You can easily compare prices and read reviews. Items will be delivered direct to your door or where ever you choose. A good online store will have accurate size guides and speedy delivery. Also great for those last-minute purchases and replacing items which have been lost or damaged. Off the High Street prides itself on its EXPRESS DELIVERY service. Gone are the days where you need to bribe your child to drag them around a store, trying multiple items on, complaining all the way round. Parents with more than one child will know that this pain is multiplied for every child, having dragged more than one child around a busy, stuffy shop. Simply buy girls’ school skirts, girls’ school trousers, girls’ school culottes, girls’ school pinafores, girls’ summer school dresses, boys’ school trousers and boys’ school shorts and shop for other school uniforms from wherever you are, whenever you have the spare time.

WHERE do I shop for school uniforms online?

Some supermarkets and local school uniform providers have a website. However, if you are looking for a great value deal it may mean buying from a website that is new to you. So which websites should you trust? Always choose a website which has product with product reviews from other customers. The seller has a legal responsibility to ensure that these reviews are all 100% accurate. You can digest the reviews and check that the school uniforms are right for you and your child. Choose a supplier who has great customer service, and ensure that they have secure payment methods. Off the High Street prides itself on its FREE RETURNS service. Off the High Street also offers a FREE SCHOOL NAME LABELLING service when you spend £10 or more (check this). Savvy parents take advantage of being able to iron on the child’s name to their school uniform, school clothing and accessories for free and avoid costly losses of clothing. We understand that children often misplace garments and labeling will ensure that the items can be returned to their owner quickly and easily.

HOW do I buy school uniforms online?

The best way to buy online is to be prepared by having all of your child’s measurements to hand. See Off the High Street Size Guides – The 5 Most Important Measurements that you will need for your Child’s School Uniform. You will need waist, chest, inside leg, height and collar measurements. Each garment should have an associated size chart. Check your child’s measurements very carefully against the size charts. Our top tip is to choose the correct size by using the largest measurement. If your child is tall and thin then you are likely to find that they need a larger measurement for the inside leg for example than they do for their waist. Buying the right size will ensure that you get the best value from your child’s school uniform by lasting the longest time possible before your child grows out of it.

WHAT school uniform clothing should I buy?

Start by checking with the school, probably on their website, the items of school uniform which you need to buy and which items need to be ‘badged’ and which do not. For the items which don’t need to be badged, this is where parents have the most opportunity to make savings by comparing prices online. Look for online stores like Off the High Street who offer cheap promotional deals like three items for the price of two. It is commonplace for sellers to offer packs of two and three, but in response to Covid-19 Off the High Street is offering packs of five for some of its school uniform items, helping parents by giving them a clean item for each day of the week without having to do a rushed mid-week wash. The Government is now recommending that school clothing is washed every day and we want you and your children to stay safe during these uncertain times.  

At Off the High Street we want your online experience to be the best it possibly can. Please give us any feedback that you think will help us to improve our service. Happy shopping and we promise that you won’t miss those dreaded back to school store visits!

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