The 10 Best Back to School Life Hacks to Help Parents Save Time and Money

When your children are due to go back to school, use these life hacks to make YOUR lives easier! They will help parents save time and money, and also teach your child to be more responsible as they grow up.

  • Adjust Sleep Schedules Early

Don’t wait until the night before the first day back at school to tell your kids to go to bed earlier. They will be bound to complain and make your lives more difficult. Change their bed time a week before they are due back at school and make the transition much easier for you all.

  • Buy School Uniforms Online

Many parents are avoiding buying school uniforms from busy retail shops and supermarkets due to Covid-19. Buying online allows you to buy everything that you need from the comfort of your own home. You can easily compare prices and read reviews. Items will be delivered direct to your door or where ever you choose. A good online store will have accurate size guides and speedy delivery. Also great for those last-minute purchases and replacing items which have been lost or damaged. Off the High Street prides itself on its EXPRESS DELIVERY service. Gone are the days where you need to bribe your child to drag them around a store, trying multiple items on, complaining all the way round. Parents with more than one child will know that this pain is multiplied for every child, having dragged more than one child around a busy, stuffy shop.

  • Look for cheap promotional deals

 Look for online stores who offer cheap promotional deals like three items for the price of two, and also multipacks. It is commonplace for sellers to offer packs of two and three, but in response to Covid-19 the Government is now recommending that school clothing is washed every day. At OTHS you can buy packs of 5 for many school uniform items, helping parents by giving them a clean item for each day of the week without having to do a rushed mid-week wash. If possible, plan out a weeks’ worth of clothing items. Helping you and your children to stay safe during these uncertain times. 

  • Label school uniform items

In the hustle and bustle of school life children often misplace items of their school uniform – particularly costly school coats, sweatshirts and jumpers. OTHS also offers a FREE NAME LABELLING service. Savvy parents can take advantage of being able to apply their child’s name to their clothing for free and avoid costly losses. Labelling will ensure that the items can be returned to their owner quickly and easily.

  • School box

Avoid the morning panics by putting a box or container somewhere in the house, maybe in the hallway, so that each child has a place that they can dump their books, bags, shoes, lunchbox, water bottle, purse or wallet and accessories when they get home instead of scattering them around the house and not being able to find them the next morning. Tell them that this is where they should leave any correspondence from the school and teachers. Also, you can use this box to put items they need for the next day such as PE kits. If you have lots of kids and limited space go vertical with stackable boxes or shelves.

  • Make a check List

Compile a check list and put it somewhere near the front door so that kids remember those items which aren’t in the box such as packed lunches from the fridge.

  • Eat before Dressing

Encourage children to have breakfast and a drink before they change into their school uniform. Spills and mess often happen at breakfast and this can easily be avoided by eating before they get dressed. The last thing that parents need in the morning is to be frantically looking for a clean school shirt, skirt or trousers.

  • Make a homework organizer

Make a caddy or organizer that your kids can put all their pens, paper, crayons into so that they are not strewn all over the house.

  • Notice Board Calendar

Blackboards or wipeable white boards are a great way to keep a note of both school and extra-curricular events. Encourage use of this system by all family members not just the kids!

  • Capture Events on Mobile Phone Home Screens

And our favorite at Off the High Street is to take a photo of the memo or note and put it on their mobile phone as a screen saver for the day for those important events which you don’t want your child to forget but you know that they will! This will ensure they are reminded throughout the day & make them impossible to forget – we hope… Please drop us a note below to tell us your top tips for back to school life hacks. Any accompanying photos will be greatly appreciated.

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