The 5 Most Important Measurements that you will need for your Child’s School Uniform

Buying girls’ and boys’ school uniforms that fit well will not only ensure that your child looks smart and that they are comfortable through those long school days, but will in turn save you money. Great fitting school uniforms will last longer and make your budget go further. Children grow so quickly – sometimes overnight it seems! Many parents tell us that often school uniforms often need replacing well before they wear out. This means that buying a well-fitting school uniform could be one of the major factors to consider when looking for great value choices. Simply using age to buy school uniforms will leave you with poorly fitting items which your child will grow out of quickly or which will need to be returned. An inconvenience that we want you to be able to easily avoid.

The five most important measurements that all parents will need are waist, chest, leg, height and collar. This exercise is easiest with a flexible tape measure but our top tip is to use a piece of string if you don’t have one.


The waist measurement is needed for girls or boys school trousers, skirts, sportswear – in fact any item which sits on the bottom half of the body. Even if your child is wearing clothing which sits on their hips you will still need their waist measurement. Find the narrowest part of their torso to take this measurement. If your child is straight-waisted then sit the tape measure half way between the bottom of their rib cage and their hip bone. It needs to be snug but not tight. Another top tip is to make sure that they aren’t breathing in or holding their breath!


The chest measurement is needed for school blouses, polo shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, girls school pinafores and girls school summer dresses. Boys school shirts are measured using the collar measurement but its handy to also have their chest measurement to hand. To take the chest measurement put the tape measure around the fullest part of the chest. This position may be quite different for boys and girls, especially when nearing puberty. Ensure that the tape measure isn’t pulled tight.


To ensure that you buy the right size of boys’ or girls’ school trousers it is important that the inside leg is measured. Our top tip is to make sure that your child puts on their school shoes to have this measurement taken. Run the tape measure down their inside leg, starting at their crotch. Finish your measurement where you want the trousers to sit so this may be around an inch above the ground. Don’t pull it too tight or the trousers will be too short. To measure the length of girls’ school skirts, we find that the best way is to measure an existing skirt. Then add some on if necessary. This is simply the measurement from the waist band to the hem. Usually schools will have rules around the length of school skirts so make sure that you comply to these.


Height is one of the simplest measurements to take. Ask your child to stand against a wall, this time with no shoes on. Put a pencil horizontally on top if their head, and make a small mark on the wall if you can. Be aware that this measurement can change significantly very quickly.


Most boys’ school shirts are sold by collar measurements. Wrap the tape measure gently around the base of the neck, then put two fingers flat between the neck and the tape measure, giving comfortable breathing room. Our top tip is to also use the chest measurement for buying shirts, and ensure tat there is both enough room around the collar and around the chest.

With these 5 most important measurements you can rest assure that the boys’ and girls’ school uniforms that you buy for school will fit well, be comfortable, and by lasting longer this will give parents the best value.

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